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CloudSaddle Pro

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Say goodbye to saddle pain while cycling

You’ve probably believed finding the right saddle involves some trial and error. Perhaps you’ve been told it all boils down to the width of your ischial tuberosity aka the “sitting bones”. It's time to banish these myths.

Experience the highest level of comfort with the patent-protected technology of CloudSaddle Pro. The soft and cool fabric amalgamated with an ergonomic shape supports the boniest of butts. The high-performance saddle is carefully designed to help you perform your best and feel like you’re sitting on a fluffy cloud while pedaling!

Unparalleled Comfort 

The sturdy yet lightweight CloudSaddle Pro saddle is designed to provide you with ultimate comfort and support on the longest of your rides. Catering to both men and women, the saddle is designed to support all body types and anatomies.

Thanks to the streamlined and narrow front side, the thighs can move freely while riding preventing painful inner-thigh chafing and inflammation.

As a result, you can expect superior performance in all positions.

Optimal Ventilation

Sweaty butt trouble? We got you. With a unique airflow vent right in the middle, CloudSaddle Pro ensures circulation of air down there where you need it most. The seemingly small ventilation channel in the groove speeds up the airflow and allows for adequate heat-dissipation, helping your buttocks stay cool and dry.

You(r) (butt) deserve it.

Shock-Absorbing Impact

A long bike ride doesn’t have to rattle all the bones in your body. If by the end of the back ride you don’t want to feel your butt hurting more than anything in the world, it’s time you switched to CloudSaddle Pro.

The shock-absorbing sensors in your saddle reduce pressure and absorb the shocks due to bumps, potholes, or uneven terrain you are riding on. coming from the bumps, potholes, or any difficult terrain you are riding on.

Stay visible in the dark

Say goodbye to constant poor visibility at night. Thanks to the built-in reflector, your bike not only looks more stylish, but also guarantee optimal visibility for other road users.

Come Hail or Rain, CloudSaddle Pro Won’t Leave Your Side

Enjoy a ride on a sunny day or a rainy one without worrying about your saddle clumping into a sad mess. Made with 100% waterproof material, you can rest assured that CloudSaddle Pro won’t move an inch. 

Extremely Easy to Install

CloudSaddle Pro fits about any standard. The package includes the tools needed to install this on your bike. All you need is five minutes and you’re ready to ride.

Fits on All Standard Bike Seats Ports

Whether you're a long-distance endurance rider or a casual weekend warrior, the CloudSaddle Pro will proudly be your partner in crime. The ultra-comfortable Cloud Comfort Saddle perfectly fits all bikes from Peloton to Proform 500 SPX, or any mountain or road bike.

All you need to do is to slide it on, clip it and go!!

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