Photochromic, panoramic & lightweight

SAOLAR™ photochromic bike sunglasses automatically darken and brighten for a perfect vision in any lighting condition. Comfortable, unbreakable and lightweight, SAOLAR offers a panoramic field of view and a flawless protection to face the most challenging situations.

  • Sunreact

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  • Rapture™

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  • Cuttle

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  • Panthera

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  • Cheetah

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  • ShadeLane

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  • Radikle

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  • Gasoline

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  • Photochromic

    They instantly darken and lighten with the light.

  • Myopia frame

    Each pair of glasses comes with an optical insert.

  • Protective

    All-encompassing and panoramic. Designed to provide a flawless protection against branches and insects.

  • Unbreakable

    Made of indestructible materials TR9. Light, flexible and shock resistant.

  • Comfortable

    A panoramic view, without distortion. High contrasts & Full glare protection.

  • UV protection

    UV400 standard compliant. Filter 99% to 100% of UV rays for a total eye protection .

  • Anti-fogging

    Treated with anti-fogging agents to prevent the formation of fogging in case of effort and thermal shocks.

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Optimal vision in every situation

A true ally for riders, SAOLAR™ photochromic sunglasses help you deal with all sunlight conditions. They automatically darken and lighten depending on the brightness. Move from sunny to shady areas while staying focused on your trajectory. Increase your performance, ride comfortably and safely with only one pair of eyewear!

An exceptional visual comfort

The SAOLAR™ panoramic eyewear design provides extra-wide, distortion-free vision with high contrast. They are ergonomic and won't move, even under full effort. Plus, our photochromic technology protects against glare and provides significant relief to the eye. Your eyes won't blink, even when exposed to bright light. Just focus on your ride and discover the pleasure of cycling with our photochromic technology.

  • "I've worn them for over 1,000 miles on my road bike and I still can't believe what great glasses they are !"

  • "Super light ! Does not bother even when it's hot, I also use them for running. With these sunglasses, the sun doesn't bother me as much"

  • "The glasses fit well and give a wide angle of view. Glasses' tint adapts perfectly to the luminosity"

  • "Lenses' transition according to the light is very comfortable!"

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Flawless protection

Specifically designed for road and mountain biking, SAOLAR™ sunglasses are all encompassing and panoramic. Their design provides irreproachable protection against branches, insects, pollen or gravel. They will create a shield around your face to provide unique comfort during your entire ride.

Corrective lens mount

We deliver our sunglasses with an optical insert so you can place the most appropriate corrective lenses for your eyesight. Simply contact your optician who will select the correction that best suits your vision for each eye. Fix the lenses on the Sunreact insert and you're done!

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